Andreas Nilsson

Tubi Lifeguard


VELVEETA / Cheesy Rider

Velveeta / Life is a breeze

Röyksopp / I Hate My Shelf

Squarespace/ Thermochess

Reebok / Nails


The Epic Split


Apple / Action Mode

Apple / Rip Leon

OVO / Time to power your life differently

1850 Coffee Quality / That's Criminal

Volvo / Trucks


Andreas, a director noted for his dark, surreal and playful style, produces a consistently inspiring body of work. His career first started when he directed a music video for a friend’s band and he hasn’t stopped ever since.

Andreas has created dazzling videos for major artists ranging from Royksöpp to Kanye West, David Guetta and Robbie Williams.

His iconic spot for Volvo Truck ‘The Epic Split’ featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, is one of the world’s most successful viral campaigns ever. It won 3 Grand Prix Cannes Lions, launching Andreas to the status of most-awarded director worldwide. In 2016 he won the coveted DGA for Outstanding Achievement in Commercial Direction. Some of his recent works include his Reebok commercial ‘Nailed it’ featuring Cardi B, his Snickers commercial ‘Rap Battle’ featuring Elton John and his Samsung commercial ‘Let’s Get To Work’ featuring Lebron James.

Andreas is most known for his visually dynamic sense of humor and this has made him one of the world’s most sought-out commercial directors.