Ramy Moharam Fouad

JJVE 'A Horizon'


Sam De Nef

JJVE 'Grace'

blackwave. - Elusive

IBE - Control

Tamino - Tummy

Emma Bale - Cut Loose

Tamino - Cigar

ZG 2019 Tour

Tamino - Persophone


Selah Sue - Always Cosmo

Ramy Moharam Fouad is a 21-year-old, Antwerp based, film director, photographer and creative director. His passion for the audiovisual world is rooted in photography, where Ramy was able to experiment a lot during his teenage years. After participating in several competitions with his personal work, he started to roll into the backstage of various Belgian musicians and bands, following them around on tour. Always on the road with his brother, singer-songwriter Tamino, he created his visual identity during his breakthrough and still does.

At that time he discovered an equally growing passion for moving images after he directed his first music video at the age of 16 for the song ‘Cigar’ by Tamino. He knew directing was his calling. From then on, Ramy has been directing many music videos for artists such as Tamino, Blackwave, IBE, Emma Bale and Selah Sue.

When not on tour or working on a music video, Ramy mainly works on his shortfilms, telling his own stories. His most recent work is ‘Shadow, till you return’, a film he created together with Violet Braeckman, about a young woman, Mona, who is left alone after her love departed for the war front. She waits, hopes and wanders around in their deserted house, lonely, like a shadow of who she once was.

Despite his young age, Ramy has managed to create a visual world of his own, focusing on slow and purified storytelling: always searching for the most overpowering details, which contribute to the depth of the stories that Ramy feels need to be told. These details of wonder are necessary elements: fragments that have the power to lighten up one’s day completely, or maybe even life. Moments that we should all ponder.