Marie and Tony are members of a crew called Lynx. They are passionate drivers of Bangers, a trash variant of the stock car. The investigation into the death of their daughter, crushed by a driver, stops due to a lack of police goodwill. Tony doesn’t want to drive anymore. Moving south to start a new life is his only option. But Marie expels her anger on the speedway in violent crashes. Helped by the Lynx Team, she finds the driver. She wants to kill him but Tony avoids the irreparable to save his couple. So they decide to settle their dispute where their community has always settled them: on the speedway. In pursuit of the driver on the circuit, the love duet is back the time of a race. But in the end, it will be up to Marie to choose the fate of her couple: kill or save him …

Director – Julien Henry
Writers – Julien Henry, Charles Habib-Drouot & Aurélien Molas
Producers – Joseph Rouschop (Tarantula BE), Valérie Bournoville (Tarantula BE)
Co-producers – Eurydice Gysel (Czar Film & Tv), Arié Chamouni (John Doe Productions) & Laurent Denis (Cookies Films)
Cast – Erika Sainte, Wouter Hendrickx, Norman Baert, José Bertrand & Koen Van Der Sande

Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (CCA) & Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Supported by Provincial Audiovisual Production Fund – Hainaut Cinéma, Tax Shelter (Casa Kafka Pictures & Belfius), OCS & RTBF

Sales and Distribution

Bio director
With training as a mechanic and extensive experience in the field of special effects, Julien Henry has made the image his language. He has a special interest in the narrative rhythm.

He has ten years of experience as a director of mini-fiction, advertising films and music videos for groups such as The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, Vitalic or Hollywood Porn Stars. He now focuses more on storytelling and the exploration of actor direction. He is currently working with Save Ferris (Lagardère Studio) on the “Into the Belge” series, which is supported by the CNC and SACD.

Festival selections & Awards

  • Best Direction at Le Court En Dit Long Festival, 2021

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