Brahim Tall

Brahim Tall a young and promising artist, who has been building a practice around various forms of identity- research, expression and politics. His master-project, Tukuleur, a short film where he visually explored the search of identity for a person coming from an ethnically mixed household in conjunction with representation of the black body, won the Wildcard from the Flemisch AudioVisual Fund (VAF) in 2022.
Coming from a Belgian/Dutch mother and Senegalese father, Brahim’s been exposed to a wide range of customs and culture from a young age which opened conversations about identity and his place in Belgian society. In his teens, he was introduced to the loud and experimental inner belly of nightlife. His love for nightlife can still be felt in his work. In 2017, Brahim started his bachelors in photography at LUCA School Of Arts. Though, he studied photography, the use of video, installation and performative aspects seeped into his work, finding its uses when needed. A little later he made the move to Brussels, where he’s still based, in an attempt to situate himself closer to a lively and diverse work environment. In 2020 he graduated with honors at LUCA School of Arts with his Bachelors project Untitled, a project questioning his place as an artist, a subject and the space the camera holds within this relationship. Last year, he finished his masters, graduating with high honors.
Currently, Tall can be found filming the Making of for one of our new productions ‘Waarom Wetteln’ by well-known Belgian author and filmmaker Dimitri Verhulst.