Kasper Häggström

Radiohead - If You Say The Word

BANK2 'Ducks'

Kelly Lee Owens - Corner Of My Sky ft. John Cale

OBOS 'Ring Julen Inn'

Kelly Lee Owens - Throwing Lines

Kasper Häggstrom, brilliantly absurd! He has been a star in the Norwegian comedy and storytelling circuit for a while now and like all the best and most biting comedy, Kasper draws on a mix of real-life observations and tongue-in-cheek moments.

There are levels to Kasper’s work, in the nuanced performances he achieves to the multi-layered comedic timings he plays around with. His work plays with the viewer, hinging on the edge of commercial, comedic short and arthouse.

Kasper’s Kelly Lee Owens “Throwing Lines”, has steadily risen to Cult level status and won the prestigious UKMVA in 2018 for Best Dance Video (Newcomer).

Most recently Kasper’s Radiohead video “If You Say The Word” won the 2022 UKMVA for best alternative video. It’s a previously unreleased track from the album ‘Kid A Mnesia’.