Kenneth Mercken

SONS - Nothing

Coureur 'Trailer'

Studio Brussel / We Want More


Radio Willy / Rock Willy

Het Nieuwsblad

Opel / Reincarnation

Studio Brussel / The Dope Show

Barcode Leuven 'Tinnitus'

On his way to becoming a professional cyclist, Kenneth Mercken discovers his body isn’t responding to the illegal, yet generally used performance enhancing drugs. He decides to turn his back on his boyhood dream and on a whim, enrolls in a film school.

In 2011, he graduates from RITCS in Brussels with ‘The Letter’, a short film based on his cycling experiences. It won him the VAF-Wildcard and was screened at numerous international festivals.

His first feature film ‘COUREUR’ had its international premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. It was released in cinemas in 2019.

His first steps in advertising consisted of a commercial for the biggest youth radio station in Belgium, Studio Brussel. The film was immediately picked up by the SHOTS website and he was interviewed for their New Directors section in SHOTS Magazine.  Encouraged by these positive reactions, he continued to work hard to develop and refine his craft and has worked for clients such as OPEL, BASE and Het Nieuwsblad.