Luc Schurgers


Credit Karma 'Get knowing'

Sony Playstation 'The Last Of Us'

Adidas 'Lionel Messi'

McCoys 'BigSpanish'

Old Spice 'Mr.Wolfdog'

Tiny Toasts – Human Can’t Resist

Luc first broke into the advertising world off the back of the viral marketing craze. Having directed notable viral films for the likes of Ray Ban, Levi’s, and Nissan, Luc was sponsored to come to the USA by renowned director David Fincher.  It was here that he began to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity in storytelling for new mediums and for modern audiences hungry for something different. 

In 2005, Luc set up the award winning animation studio Minivegas (now Pet Gorilla) in Amsterdam. Their award haul includes gold, silver and bronze Lions at Cannes including one gold, one silver and two bronze in 2012, and many high profile directing awards)

Luc has been the go-to creative for a wide range of interactive campaigns that allow viewers to engage and become a part of the story. To Luc, directing is more than creating a beautiful piece of film; it’s about effective storytelling that allows for audience participation. It is truly this element that makes the experience memorable.