Marit Weerheijm




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En Route (Trailer)

Grolsch 'In Search of Something Better'

When Grey Is A Colour (Trailer)

Marit is currently based in Amsterdam. In 2016 she graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy. Her short film ‘When Grey Is A Color’ won the prestigious Student Academy Award, which is the Oscars for student films. In addition, her film gathered two jury awards at TIFF Kids and won the Cilect prize for Best Graduation Film worldwide.

Her latest short film, ‘En Route’ won the Golden Calf in 2019, which can be described as the Dutch Oscars. It also premiered at the 70th Berlin Film Festival in 2020.

In the field of commercials, we had a lot of success with her commercial we produced for PINK RIBBON, a breast cancer organization. It received a nomination for the Young Director Award at Cannes Lions in 2019. Her Dreamland commercial, also produced by us in 2019, which questions gender stereotypes, has received appraising feedback.

Marits work is based on subtle storytelling, with a strong fascination for interpersonal relationships, particularly within family ties. She has a love for intimate films with now and then a touch of magic realism.