Waarom Wettelen / The Weeping Walk tells the story of a motley group of relatives and friends – stepping behind a hearse – on their way to the final resting place of the recently deceased mother, Christine. During what promises to be a turbulent funeral march, which will also last several days, the relatives have the time to finally get to know each other better and unravel some old family secrets. When the mother is buried, all family ties appear to be shaken up.

Production Status
In Post Production

Director – Dimitri Verhulst
Writer – Dimitri Verhulst
Producers – Koen Mortier & Eurydice Gysel (Czar Film & Tv)
Co-producers – Graniet Film (NL)

Sales & Distribution
Distributed by Kinepolis Film Distribution
Sales by Dutch FilmWorks

Production support from Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union, The Netherlands Film Fund.

Bio Director
Dimitri Verhulst is a well-known Belgian writer of novels, theater, poetry, lyrics and screenplays. With his books he won the Young Europeans Literature Prize, Libris and Gouden Uil Boekenprijs. His works have already been translated into 30 languages and three of his books were filmed: ‘De Helaasheid der Dingen’, ‘Problemski Hotel’ and ‘Angel’ (Koen Mortier). A fourth film adaptation is in the making: ‘De Laatkomer’. ‘Waarom Wettelen’ will be his first feature film as a director.