Koen Mortier

Liam has a terrible childhood, is neglected and abused. He grows up being an adolescent with dark thoughts and actions. As a defence mechanism he shits himself. Because of his home situation, the Social Service places him in a closed institution, away from his parents, where he meets the supervisor Paulien. She seems to influence him positively. When Liam is raped in the institution, he no longer sees a way out and reckons his past in a sinister manner. 

Skunk is based on a novel written by Geert Taghon. 

Production status
In postproduction.

Director – Koen Mortier
Scriptwriter – Koen Mortier
Producer – Eurydice Gysel (Czar Film & Tv)
Co-producers – Frank Hoeve (Baldr Film) & Jean-Yves Roubin (Frakas) 

Script, development and production support from Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)
Supported by BNPPFFF (Belgian Tax Shelter), Creative Europe – Media Development Funding
NFF – Netherlands Film Fund

Bio director
Koen Mortier has been active in the film world as an author, director and producer. He set his first step into the film industry with 2 shorts: ‘Ana Temnei’ and ‘A Hard Day’s Work’. In 2007 Koen directed ‘Ex Drummer’, which received many festival selections and prizes and was sold to more than 20 countries. Three years later his second film followed: ‘22nd of May’ that also won prizes and was sold to 10 countries. Koen directed a 7’-short ‘Playing away from Home’. It was part of the worldwide project ‘Short Plays’. His third feature film ‘Angel’ has been released at TIFF 2018. Currently, he has undertaken 2 ambitious projects: Voices Of Liberation, an 11 part docu-series about WW2, and Skunk, a feature film about mistreated children and revenge based off of the book ‘Skunk’ by Geert Taghon.