Koen Mortier

‘Voices of Liberation’ is an 11-part documentary series about the international commemoration route which joins together the important milestones of the Second World War. The route forms a chain between the most important regions during the advance of the western allies. The series guides us along this route accompanied by local hosts who each one of them have a link with the Second World War. Along the actual facts told through the use of personal documents (letters, diaries, memoirs, …) they also tell us their personal stories, which offers the public an alternative view of the events. In addition, this television series does not only focus on the story of ‘the Allied liberator’, but also on that of ‘the civilian’, ‘the resistance fighter’, ‘the collaborator’ and even ‘the enemy’. Therefore, ‘Voices of Liberation’ wants to find a balance with this angle by giving a voice to all people, from different angles and with different backgrounds, which will give us insights into the minds of the people who lived, fought and in the best case, survived the Second World War.

Production Status
Released on Netflix Netherlands May 2022
Release on Streamz Belgium September 2022

Director – Koen Mortier
Writer – Koen Mortier
Producer – Eurydice Gysel (Czar Film & TV)
Co-producer – Interstellar Pictures / NL Film
Editor – Manu Van Hove

Netflix, Streamz, Screen Flanders, BNPPFFFF, Belgian Tax Shelter & Dutch Film Incentive and with the support of Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA of the European Union

Sales & Distribution
Dutch FilmWorks

Bio director
Koen Mortier has been active in the film world as an author, director and producer. He set his first step into the film industry with 2 shorts, Ana Temnei and A Hard Day’s Work. In 2007 Koen directed Ex Drummer, which received many festival selections and prizes and was sold to more then 20 countries. Three years later his second film followed: 22nd May that also won prizes and was sold to 10 countries. His most recent feature film Angel had its international premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. Currently he is working on Voices of Liberation and Skunk.